For Candidates

Target Impacts aims to disrupt the norm. We make every attempt to assist the candidate on their career journey, to offer some level of assistance and to make this as smooth as possible.

We bear in mind that today’s candidates become tomorrow’s hiring managers!


  • Career discussion and guidance
  • Discussion around KPIs required and resume enhancement
  • Addressing some of those difficult questions before the job search reaches 1st interview

Resume Refinement

  • Pre interview process CV assistance and tailoring
  • Highlighting USPs and important aspects of the CV to align the candidate with the role and KPI’s

Interview preparation

  • Pre Interview guidance
  • Interview practice and refinement
  • How to answer the hard ones
  • Getting your story straight and working on examples to enhance your answers
  • Post Interview feedback

Simplifying the search and placement of the optimal sales talent

Finding the best sales staff is hard work. Let us find you great sales people, so you can focus on what you do best.