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Target Impact delivers the optimal sales talent solution by partnering with your organisation to create a tailored end to end search and placement process. This process ensures that your organisation is best positioned to attract and maintain any candidate who matches your hiring criteria.

“70% of candidates are passive jobseekers” LinkedIn  (in a role but open to change)

“90% of recruiters say the job market is candidate driven” MRI Network

“89% of bosses believe that employees leave jobs because they want more money, while only 12% actually do leave for more money” Forbes

Building the Profile

  • Understand the  background to the hiring opportunity  to include the aims, ambition, direction of the company, pain points and potential reputation concerns
  • Agree scope of and develop an avatar to include candidate skills (soft and technical), experience, industry knowledge, personality, cultural fit, network and any other pertinent criteria
  • Agree appropriate package parameters, training, development and accountability of the role.

“86% of employers say that they have hired the wrong person for a position” Career Builder

Mapping the Market

  • Assess  and compare the developed candidate profile against  ALL Talent (those actively looking and passive candidates)
  • Target Impact is interested in shortlisting all talent but in particular; the passive candidate (off market but of open to opportunities)
  • Sources used; large in-house network of national and international talent as well as a tailored search of the appropriate channels from which to engage a potential candidate.

“48% of global employers report talent shortages as their biggest hiring challenge” TMP Worldwide

“Only 36% of candidates actively search for a new job “ LinkedIn

Screening Process

  • Agree overall the format of the screening process
  • Agree accountability trail and timing; stages, stakeholders, sign-off on deliverables, dates and milestones
  • Develop company branding strategy and aims; candidate touch points focus , when, how often and nature.
  • Formulate appropriate interview format ; phone/face to face/video, *asynchronous video interview and/or video conferencing (Zoom/WebEx), character based, competency based, one on one/panel
  • Decide shortlisting , and benchmarking criteria along with elimination and progression criteria
  • During the process itself there is focus on candidate  engagement, enthusiasm measurement , concerted effort to generate a positive experience while progressing through resignation, accepting the role and onboarding.
  • Managing rejections; this too has to be a relatively positive experience for the candidate
  • References and Feedback; Understand the relationship with referee, role verification, previous performance, reason for leaving  and any further info they want to add
  • Use of 3rd party screening and testing resources reviewed and agreed
  • Target Impact looks to utilise the latest technology to interact with its clients and candidates. The nature of onboarding an effective face to face sales role is very much reliant on the face to face evaluation . Target Impact believes that *asynchronous video interviewing represents a fair and equitable option for screening candidates in preliminary rounds. The system assists in recognising those traits that form makeup an effective client facing candidate; Emotional Intelligence, and Soft Skills .Use of  video conferencing i.e. Zoom, FaceTime or Skype can confirm this and can be used in the latter stages of the screening process . These options concur with safe social distancing trends

*(Target Impact has partnered with Competitive Wedge)

“26% of employee’s performance can be predicted by structured interview (only 14% by unstructured interview)“ Schmidt and Hunter

“60% of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of their length or complexity.” Career Builder

Onboarding Process

Onboarding arrives at the end of a successful search and placement process. The ongoing company brand enhancement remains crucial to company reputation so at the onboarding stage it is very much evident and critical to a positive experience for those being onboarded and also those who are screened from the process. Target Impact delivers an onboarding process to safeguard all parties.

  • Plan and Preboard
  • Map the onboarding journey
  • Automation of tasks
  • Paperwork completion, hardware and software requirements
  • 1st Day experience
  • Training and mentoring programs to be put in place
  • Buddy system
  • Milestones: 30 day and End of Probation
  • Measurables and milestones to be reached and how feedback will be administered throughout

“69% of jobseekers would not take a job in a company with a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed“ Glassdoor

“96-98% of candidates who had a positive experience would refer others to apply” Bullhorn

“A structured effective onboarding process increases the hire retention by 82%” Glassdoor

“90% of HR leaders know they need to be more strategic” Human Capital Institute

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