Terms and Conditions

Engagement & Timeframes

We will commence to carry out the Services as soon as reasonably practical after the client has accepted this engagement and the initial fee has been received.

 You may accept the engagement by:

 1.    Signing and returning a copy of this document;

2.    Giving us instructions to provide any of the Services;

3.    Contacting us and confirming your acceptance.

To ensure the efficient completion of the Services, the Client agrees to provide us with all information reasonably required and requested to enable us to complete the Services. If the Client does not provide us with all information so requested, then we may terminate this engagement immediately.

You also agree to give us your full cooperation. This includes making your Partners, Directors, key stakeholders, other members of the Executive Management team, and other personnel available for telephone conferences, discussions, or candidate interviews when scheduled. This also includes providing information on everything you expect a successful candidate to have in the way of experience and qualifications, along with agreeance of the provided full job description, including pay and benefits, completely and accurately enough to complete the search engagement.

We will agree a work program with you at the beginning of the engagement and outline estimated timeframes for completion.  


We make no representation or guarantee that any Candidate will achieve a certain level of performance, achieve a certain outcome, solve a problem or attain a specific goal.

Implied Warranties

Nothing in this Agreement is or should be interpreted as an attempt to modify, limit or exclude terms, warranties or guarantees which are imposed by statute (including but not limited to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010) and which cannot be modified, limited or excluded.

Subject to the preceding paragraph, all representations, warranties and guarantees other than those given expressly in this Agreement are excluded.

The Client does not rely on any representation, warranty, guarantee or other provision made by or for us which is not expressly stated in this Agreement.


We are not liable for any damage, economic loss, loss of revenue, loss of saving on overheads, loss arising from business interruption, loss of data, loss of business opportunities, loss of goodwill or loss of profits whether direct, indirect, general, special or consequential from any cause.

Privacy & confidentiality

Our obligation to you

Target Impact Pty Ltd is compliant with the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act).  A copy of our privacy policy is available on our website or on request.

From time to time, we may be asked to provide information relating to HR, finance, strategy or other information produced in the course of this engagement for the entity/ies or individuals involved.

If we are requested to provide this information (in most cases to prospective candidates), any one-person subject to this engagement can provide this authorisation. For example, if one-person subject to this engagement requests information regarding the partnership or other individuals involved then we have authority to provide this information to them without seeking further authorisation.

During the course of this engagement, we will collect personal information from the individuals involved in this engagement and others. We will treat as confidential and maintain the confidentiality of all information and records that you provide or disclose to us, and those produced in the course of completing an engagement. This information will only be disclosed to a third party where specific authority has been granted for us to provide this information, or where we are subject to a legal duty to disclose the information.

Your obligation to us

Where you provide personal information to us, you confirm that the provision of this information is compliant with the Privacy Act, you have authority to provide this information to us, and the individual involved is aware that this information is being provided to us and why.  

Team interaction

This engagement will be managed by the Target Impact team.

Please do not hesitate to contact Brian on 0428058056 if you have any queries or require further assistance.

From time to time during the completion of your work, we may engage various staff and/or contract personnel who we consider appropriate for the completion of your work. These personnel will have access to your records only for the purpose of completing the engagements agreed.  In all cases, these personnel will be subject to our supervision and control.

Data storage

We utilise third party software systems as part of our service delivery to you.  Some of these systems store data on servers domiciled overseas. At all times, your data is under our control and we have taken all reasonable measures to protect your privacy.


The estimated fee schedule for the completion of this engagement to be agreed before work commences . All fees described in this letter are exclusive of GST unless specifically stated otherwise. Each invoice will include a charge for GST in addition to the fees which is payable by you.

General assistance with issues that you may face from time to time outside of this engagement will be billed at an hourly rate.  

Where you require additional work to be completed beyond this engagement then this will represent a separate engagement. We will be happy to agree on the nature and fee level for this work with you in advance of commencing the work.  

Tax Invoices will be issued progressively on a case by case basis over the course of the engagement The invoices are payable within 7 days. We reserve the right to suspend work where any amount of any of these invoices remain unpaid after that time.

The Client will pay Target Impact Pty Ltd.’s costs and disbursements incurred in any recovery action/claim or remedy against “the Client”, including collection costs, debt recovery fees, commission and legal costs on an indemnity basis.

Records & working papers

In the course of our engagement, we will prepare various working papers and notes consistent with our internal quality control system. These working papers remain the property of our firm and will be retained by us to support any future queries on work completed. Original source records provided by you to us in the completion of your work will be returned to you at the completion of each engagement. Where appropriate, we may take copies to retain for our client files. These files may also be subject to the Privacy Act (1988). 


Both parties reserve the right to terminate this agreement upon providing fourteen (14) days written notice citing reasonable grounds. Any outstanding invoices will still be enforceable.  



  1. A candidate does not complete 3 months employment with you; and
  2. You have paid your fee within our payment terms; and
  3. You advise us within 5 business days of the candidate’s termination or resignation; and
  4. You provide complete, timely and honest feedback as requested by Target Impact during the guarantee period; and
  5. The candidate’s termination is for reasons other than a change of working conditions, retrenchment or change of position responsibility.


We shall make all reasonable endeavours to find a suitable replacement with another candidate selected by you and employed on substantially the same terms and conditions of employment and with a Total Annual Salary Package varying by not more than 10% of the previous candidate's Total Annual Salary Package (unless such variation in terms or Total Annual Salary Package is approved in writing by us) once only for up to 12 months from the date of notification at no charge to you.

Term of the engagement

This engagement letter covers the current retained recruitment engagement for the search of your next sales hire

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